The dirty truth about shampoo

June 6, 2018




But why, Jessica?


Because I said so!


No, no, no....that's only half true. But here are some other (actually valid) reasons for you as well.


1. It strips hair of its natural oils


I know that seems like the whole point of shampooing, but it's actually not.  We need to get rid of the product buildup; the dirt, grime, yuck, muck, but.......




They're helping to seal the cuticle layer, which adds shine, maintains moisture, and balances your ph levels ( <----- this one, in my opinion, is the most important)


When your scalps ph balance is out of whack, it sends alarms to your oil glands that it needs to work overtime.  Are you a person who feels they need to wash everyday because you get greasy so quickly? This could be because you're overshampooing and your scalp is trying to help you out by over compensating oils.  


2. Shampooing more often will fade your color

By now you should be using a great professional brand sulfate free shampoo (hint hint).....but let's say you're not.  


Your inexpensive product costs less because cheap ingredients are used to make it. You're essentially cleaning you hair with


-bottled water


-salt....(yup, that's a blog post for another day)


And, chances are, even if you're using a sulfate free, over the counter product, the ingredients added to be able to label it that way are more abrasive than a typical sulfate.


However, let's say you're using the best of the best.  I'm going to assume you're still rising it with hot water.  What does that hot water do? Opens your cuticle layer and your color fades faster.


3.  Causes more split ends


- Washing more with hot water will dry out the ends and you'll have less natural oils to protect them. 


- More styling and more stying tools are used because of having to dry the hair more often 


- Wet hair is more fragile 



Tips to shampoo less 


- Start by eliminating one shampoo/ week.  This should be on a non working, non "peopling" day. That way if you're greasy, you have no one to impress. After a few weeks of this try adding in one more day.


-Dry shampoo Is you BFF.  My favorite one is Keune Refreshing Spray.  


- On a non shampoo day, don't be afraid of your hair.  When taking a shower, let the steam calm any whompy spots, give it a good brush (unless it's curly.  Then I DO NOT recommend the brush) and style as normal!



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